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The History of the Registration Mark VH-RMO (and the background audio file)

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"Romeo Mike Oscar" belonged to ANSETT AUSTRALIA AIRLINES 1936 - 2002.
The founder of the airline was SIR REGINALD MYLES ANSETT 1909 - 1981 who very often flew his own JetRanger from his home at Mornington to work in the City of Melbourne.

Ansett JetRanger
Pic: George Canciani - Airliners.net

In the early days, he obtained the marks RMA (his initials) and onwards for his growing fleet of aircraft.

VH-RMO at first, as far as I know, belonged to a Vickers Viscount

Vickers Viscount


Later it became a Boeing 727 ...

Pic: Glenn Alderton - Airliners.net

This 727 is the aircraft where the audio recording was made and remains my favourite airliner of all time. I'm planing to construct a semi-full-motion flight simulator of a 727 in the years to come.


The last Ansett aircraft to carry VH-RMO was a Boeing 767

Pic: Neville Murphy - Airliners.net

Unfortunately as far as I know, the 767 sits in the Mojave Desert retired for life.
Ironic and sad to see a Swissair DC-10 in the background. Swissair was another one of the great airlines of the world that I have travelled on a few times. ( I have dual Australian-Swiss citizenship )

Retired B767
Pic: Sam Chui - Airliners.net

The good old 727 continues to fly for FedEx which is just great to see!

FedEx B727
Pic: Rudy Chiarello - Airliners.net


And now VH-RMO is just a tiny little helicopter, at least the mark is remembered. I enjoyed riding jump seat in the 727, a highlight of my life and this is the reason why I changed my rego over to RMO after the turbine conversion.



Thanks to Capt. Don Pitts for allowing me take an 8mm movie of the flight,
it's still very much appreciated, many years later.

Thanks to the above photographers and Airliners.net for allowing me to publish these pics.
Airliners.net is a great web site, visit them please at www.airliners.net

I can't find the name of the photographer of the Viscount but I'll keep looking,
if any one knows, please e-mail me, thanks.