Turbine Helicopter JetExec
Based on the Rotorway Helicopter

JetExec T62

Here are a few pictures for the people that are interested in my JetExec Helicopter.

It was built in 2004 and operates in Eastern Queensland, Australia.

If you are a builder or owner, see also


Last Update January 2011
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T.I.S. : I don't own the aircraft any more
but it now has over 100 flight hours.
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The History of the Registration Mark VH-RMO (and the background audio file) click here

Click Here for a short hovering movie 426Kb MPG format

Here for a longer approach to land movie 7.7 Mb Quicktime MOV

MP4 Version of the above approach

(If it doesn't play properly, try right clicking and "Save Target As..." to your hard disc
and play it from there)




Nice to see some interest in this

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